Why choose braces later in life



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November 21, 2022

More and more adults choose to have their teeth straightened, after all, you are never too old for braces and a nice new smile! In recent years, the demand for braces treatment among adults has increased considerably. Within orthodontics, enormous technical developments have taken place in recent decades. This has ensured that it is never too late to have something done about the position of your teeth.

 There are several reasons why, as an adult, you can choose braces to straighten your teeth:


The most obvious reason to have your teeth regulated is aesthetics, you don’t like the position of your teeth. It used to be less common to have treatment with braces because of aesthetics. Many dentists thought this was nonsense, nowadays we have a different view on this. A nice straight set of teeth has many more advantages than just looking good.


If the position of your teeth, molars and jaws is not good, physical complaints can arise such as head, neck and jaw pain. If teeth are missing or damaged, the chewing function is affected, which can have consequences for a good digestion. This can often be solved with braces. It has been scientifically proven that bacteria that cause gum inflammation play a role in cardiovascular disease, complications in pregnancy and chronic diseases such as diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. A clean, healthy mouth plays an important role in your general health!

Oral hygiene

Straight teeth are better kept clean. If teeth are cleaned properly, you can prevent cavities and inflammation of the gums. You also reduce the chance of bad breath. So, a clean mouth is healthier and looks more beautiful.


It pays off to have your teeth straightened at a any age. Because of improved oral hygiene and dental care, teeth last much longer. However, teeth wear down over time, which can lead to functional, aesthetic and medical problems. For example, sleeping, breathing and chewing problems. Orthodontic treatment can be a solution.

Over the years

If your teeth were always straight and this has changed over time, this can often be corrected with braces. Changing the position of your jaws with braces is not possible, this requires a combined treatment of braces and surgery.